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1) What is Trademark Registration

A trademark refers to a name or an identity of any business or product. It may contain any type of symbol, word, alphabets, or any commodity which can be used to determine the business or product. In simpler and easier terms, we may mention a trademark as a type of logo or a brand identity which helps us differentiate between a product/business/service from others.

2) Scope of work

  • Only Filing of ONE Trademark Application
  • Trademark Search
  • Includes Govt. Registration Fees Rs. 4500
  • Follow up and reply to the objection, if any (separate fees, not included in the package)

3)  Advantages


One of the numerous benefits of getting your trademark registered it that it provides you with your own brand name. Having an exclusive brand name ensures that the consumers do not get lost between your brand names and the ones similar to it.


Nobody can use or steal your original trademark or logo which is registered by you under trademark registration. It gives you full protection of you and your businesses’ identity. You have the right of exclusive ownership over your trademark.


Through Trademark Registration, you have the authority to have your trademark licensed. A licensed trademark can be registered and listed in the trademark register under the name of it’s the legal owner. This gives the owner authority to take legal action on anyone who tries to use his trademark under their name.


Getting your trademark legally registered automatically makes it an intangible asset. It becomes a property of your business or your organization. This makes it eligible to be used as an asset which can also be sold, used as a franchise, or be used for other commercial purposes.